Saturday, February 16, 2013

What’s wrong with the Canadian empire?

Exactly that, it’s an empire. The only reason Quebec is in Canada today is because of a military invasion that occurred over 250 years ago. That is the fundamental fact about Canada: it is the product of war, of conquest, not consensus. And that war is still going on. The war of the Conquest (or the French and Indian war or the Seven Year war, as it is known to some) has never really ended. It continues in the ongoing low-intensity conflict the Canadian empire wages to preserve itself. As the great Clausewitz once wrote, war is about imposing your will on the enemy. This is exactly what the Canadian empire has been doing by (mostly) psychological means (with a few notable exceptions). Psychological war, after all, is still war.
The two main weapons in this war are intimidation for most Quebecers and bribery for a small clique willing to sell out their country for personal gain. The traitors are well-known. Trudeau, Chrétien, Dion, Desmarais, Charest, Couillard and others do their utmost to preserve the empire because it’s profitable for them to do so. The intimidation was most clearly visible in the form of the War Measures Act during the October crisis which had nothing to do with fighting the FLQ and everything to do with terrifying people with the wrong political opinions. The intimidation may not always be overt, but it is always there. Not only did the WMA serve as an example as to what might happen, but more significantly, the de facto impunity of the RCMP officers involved in various crimes and dirty tricks sent an even more insidious message. This impunity for those who commit crimes in the name of imperial unity sends the message that no mere laws will stand in the way. It undermines the very meaning of any “charter of rights”. Indeed, the WMA and the abuses surrounding it weren’t counter-terrorism but rather counter-terror.
However, not all intimidation comes from the state. The Canadian people themselves play an important part by approving, tacitly or otherwise, the repressive measures taken by Ottawa. Indeed, Trudeau never would have invoked the WMA if he didn't think he could get away with it politically. Likewise, the Canadian people strongly support the infamous anti-democracy law, euphemistically called the “clarity bill”. But sometimes, the relationship is inversed. Such as when enraged Anglos burned down the United-Canada parliament building in Montreal in 1849 because it was about to enact legislation compensating inhabitants of Lower-Canada who suffered losses during the revolts of 1837-38, this was not commanded by the government, but since it was carried out by “United Empire Loyalists” no one was punished. One can easily imagine that if Quebecers carried out actions one tenth as bad, the punitive results would have been very different. All this brings us back to the issue of impunity undermining the rule of law.
The dual combination of intimidation and bribery means that the Canadian empire rests on fear and greed. This is hardly surprising as all empires are about the management of fear. By definition, an empire is the domination of one nation by another nation through the use of force. Having no inherent legitimacy, empires maintain themselves by the chronic use of force or by threatening to use force, either explicitly or implicitly. For political reasons, it is profitable for empires to get members of the conquered nation to perform the repression. This is where bribery and greed come in. It’s in the empire’s interest to keep the subject nation divided, and this is precisely the role of the PLQ in Quebec. Naturally, all this bribery leads to corruption. While there is a lot of corruption in Quebec, it’s no accident that all those involved are federalists. The root cause of this corruption is that the PLQ and federalists in general, are more concerned with pleasing Ottawa and its unofficial viceroy (Paul Desmarais Sr.) than serving the interests of Quebec. And of course, they and their dependents expect to be generously rewarded for their services.
In closing, we return to where this article began: Canada is war. The war of the Conquest morphed into a system of domination of the Quebec people and an ongoing campaign of cultural genocide, both outside Quebec and within it. Talk of equality and freedom of choice by Anglos today is pure hypocrisy because they know perfectly well that in the present context it favors them and hastens our assimilation. But this hypocrisy, and the racism that accompanies it, is also a product of Canadian imperialism. Truman once said something to the effect that you can’t keep a people in the gutter without getting into the gutter yourself. He was referring to the plight of African-Americans in the 1950’s, but it also applies to how Canada dominates Quebec. Such domination not only makes Quebecers cynical and resigned, but makes Canadians hypocritical, racist and pretty creepy. The independence of Quebec would not only liberate Quebec, but it would also free Canadians of the mental straitjacket necessary to keep their empire together. On that day, Canadians will wake from their imperial illusions and see Quebec and themselves with clarity and lucidity.


  1. Hi,

    Bravo for this brilliant and concise description of the situation. I totally agree with you execpt for one thing : Those you call « Canadian » I call them anglos, to be coherent with the message.

    Canada Libre,

    1. Actually this Federation should be called Borealia (like Australia), thus making them Borealians.

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    I am starting to add material in english to my web site - - and I would really like to use your text, with reference to you and to, of course.

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  3. Hey Dude,
    Honestly I don't support the way you hate the conquest. As much as it is "bad", without it Québecois wouldn't be what we are today. We'd probably be something akin to St-Pierre-et-Miquelon.

    It is because of the conquest that we became independent from France. Without the conquest, we wouldn't have had to resists assimilation the way we had. We wouldn't have had the crise d'octobre where some of us were so pissed they fell into terrorism (some would say heroism).

    As much as the conquest sucks, we wouldn't be the badasses that we are today without it.

    And when it comes to why we need independance, I wouldn't say it's about language anymore. The real reason is the last federal election, when the rest of Canada elected Harper and we elected Layton. We can debate why we have different views from the others provinces, and your text is a pretty good theory, but I don't care how it happened. We are politically opposed to the rest of the country,for me that's enough to choose independence.

    1. ''It is because of the conquest that we became independent from France.'' ... and dependent of the Great-Britain ...

    2. What is the problem with St-Pierre-et-Miquelon ? Is that "as bad" as Les îles de la Madeleine ??

      Does RaccoonDave about the anti-Canadien apartheid that anglos used to get rid of most francophone populations of Canada, not to mention the Acadian deportation ? Does he know the white-neger status that our nation was kept into, forcing half of all Canadiens to permanent exile ?? About the Guilde of Orange, the anti-Catholic and anti-French KKK Kanada, the Doric Club, the "no dogs, no jew, no black" beaches and the "no jews is too many" ???

      How could anyone say that the British occupation of Canada was a good thing if he knew those things ?

    3. RaccoonDave does not seem to know also that la " crise d'octobre " was at least as much the fact of federal police agents provocateurs who had burnt buildings and put bombs as well during that period (

  4. Following the Maslow's hierarchy of needs, independance is more likely to fit the needs of the Québécois.

    A confederation gained with war is not.

    Independance is among the very basic needs of a community. Once you own your independance, you can sign treaties freely for the benefit of all.

    1. There are thousands of ethnic communities and languages on the planet. It is ludicrous to suggest that each group requires a sovereign state, especially when many groups have shared territory. Petty ethnocentric nationalism is dangerous for society and is a key element of fascism. Confederation was not born of war, but out of the hard nation-building efforts of men such as George-Étienne Cartier, Hector-Louis Langevin and Étienne-Paschal Taché.

    2. Ethnocentric nationalism is exactly what we have with the dominion that's built on three centuries of continuous ethnic cleansing against whoever were in Canada before the anglos : Acadiens, Métis, Natives and the real Canadiens.

  5. Great text. Bravo.

    Reply to racoonydave

    Everything that is passed cant change. But makes ourselves complete as we are of today. Us as we are can improve again so we can avoid to make our past errors again.
    It is because of the conquest that we became independent from France. Without the conquest, we wouldn't have had to resists assimilation the way we had. We wouldn't have had the crise d'octobre where some of us were so pissed they fell into terrorism (some would say heroism).

    Replacing onE domination by another ?

  6. Vey interresting, because I was talking about that with an american friend on facebook the other day.

    It wanted to understand why we, the french in Quebec, we wanted to separate and get our independance from Canada.

    We spoke a while and we came down to exactly what you say in your article. Contrary to the USA where the country was formed after the independance of the colonies (The United States are a federation of ex-colonies (States) working together, The state of the Union speech is exactly about it). So the USA came together with consensus.

    But Canada was basically created from war. There war never any war to unify anglos and francos to gain Canada's independance from England. The winner of the war, England, ordered to assimilate the French and took pretty much all their land. When France and England concluded the Threaty of Paris, New-France territorry was bigger then what Quebec is today. The crown of England decided to create 2 canadas. High Canada and Lower Canada. What we now know as Quebec, wa smostly Lower Canada where the French lived. But after a few years, they saw that Franch wwre not getting assimilated fast enough, so they merged Lower and High Canada together to create Canada.

    Now instead of having two colonies, they had one colony, one governor. That colony was Canada as we know it. Canada had 1 parliament, and since the majority of the canadian population were anglos, it was a lot easier to assimilate the French by simply giving them an illusion of democracy. The French could never really win.

    And so this is still the way Canada works today, and like RacooneyDave said, we, the french, don't have the same political opinions than the Rest of Canada, it always have been like this. In WWII we were against going in war, but anglos were. We know what happenned after, conscription and French on the front line.

    Democratically speaking, it is just simply normal that anglos runs the country, because they represent more than 75% of the population. But Quebecers never felt canadian and their political opinions proves that they're very different than rest of Canada. Independance is the ONLY way Quebecers will ever be able to lives to their expectations. As long as we'll be part of Canada, we'll simply be the minority getting bad politics imposed on us.

    1. « after a few years, they saw that Franch wwre not getting assimilated fast enough, so they merged Lower and High Canada together to create Canada »

      Not exactly : The creation of two separate Upper and Lower Canada allowed one of those to be English only after a short while. Its only when anglo populations were large enough to dominate the Canadiens in one single parliament that the colonies were merge together with Nova-Scotia and New-Brunswick - ex-Acadia colonies which were largely English due to the deportation of Acadiens. From then on, the Canadiens did not have real power over their state and the assimilation really did start.

    2. « Quebecers never felt [liked] canadian »

      This is very misleading and, formally speaking, untrue.

      Québec franco population has been Canadiens since the very beginning of their presence in the New-World, long before the anglo occupation. Canada has existed for over a century and a half before any English could sail up the St-Lawrence without being sunk and go across the Appalachians without being scalped.

      Hence, Québécois are the Canadiens and anglos are essentially something else that has taken their name to impose their domination because what has no name does not exist.

      The same about the Canada's national anthem, by the way. The Oh! Canada was written and composed by real Canadiens to be presented for the first time on St-Jean-Baptiste day 1880. It's only decades later that english versions were created.

      And the maple leaves, the beaver, the mouse, etc. Most Canada symbols existed before the anglos took 'hem.

      What has no name and no symbols does not exist.

    3. For the rest, Mario, I agree with you ;)

    4. It's funny that you say this because many Anglophones outside Quebec feel that the country is run by Quebeckers. Many of the prime ministers in recent history have hailed from la belle province and all the signatories of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms where from Quebec, except of course the Queen. You are right, Ô Canada, the maple leaf and the beaver are all symbols that have their origins in French Canada and they serve to remind us of the tremendous contributions that French Canadians have made and continue to make to this country we call Canada.

    5. What manipulated and chauvinistic anglos feel does not make a valid fact.

    6. And those quebecers who serve the Dominion against their own nation a nothing but traitors.

  7. Very well written and intelligently argued. The problem is that logic and intelligence mean very little in public discourse these days. You would be far more successful in reaching your aims by some type of "propaganda" related to the economic benefits of separation. The way things appear to me is that the fear of negative economic ramifications is what prevents the population of Quebec from achieving independence. It is very sad indeed and you have my sympathies--I am from Serbia, but part of my youth was spent in Quebec and it is a far better and more progressive place than the rest of Canada.

  8. Even if the terms of the article unfortunately make it essentially unreadable to any Anglo federalist (they refuse to conceive of Canada as anything but the nicest place on Earth), I must say thay I love this sentence, which i agree with wholeheartedly : « Such domination not only makes Quebecers cynical and resigned, but makes Canadians hypocritical, racist and pretty creepy. »

  9. All this is, is propaganda, i was born in quebec, i see the flaws of your province, if the PROVINCE of Quebec were to leave, it would fail to reach power, with its struggling economy and relying on other provinces to pay everything the country will definetly be poor, if it were up to the quebec gov't you would've killed all the immigrants that arent french or dont speak french, all i see with the republic of Quebec is a republic of hatred, a republic of racism, a republic of FAILURE, and nevermind the french being in canada first, the NATIVE AMERICANS WERE HERE FIRST, the english let them call themselves canadian , the british colonized it and called the citizens born them called anglo-canadian or french canadians (wether the nationality of parents,not the region of were they were born) so if you refer to us as anglo's i will refer to you as franco's, to those that say there was a canadian apartheid, you clearly dont know what the meaning of apartheid means, apartheid means segregation and not counting the votes of a certain race, that has never happened in canada, and to those that say that the conquest of new france was of racial hatred and of repression of the french people, the french began the war and GB capitalized off of it , and btw GB had Rupert's land around the same time as the french had new france and acadia, I'm sorry but Quebec's independence movement is that of the french canadians not liking the Anglo-canadians or German-Canadians or the true Canadians,

    Long live the Queen of Canada, Long live the Canadian Kingdom, Long live the PROVINCE of Quebec

    1. Jacob B: you make some great comments here. I'll respectfully disagree with you about the British monarchy; I feel that it should be abolished in Canada. However, we share many of the same opinions nonetheless.

      It's especially silly for some francophone ultra-nationalists to refer to MOC (Most Of Canada) by the official name of Taiwan/Formosa, that is. the ROC (Republic Of China). Of course, the People's Republic OF China (mainland China, the PROC) views the ROC as a renegade Chinese province, but that's another story altogether.

    2. Canada is a constitutional monarchy, wherein Elizabeth II is the Queen of Canada. However, we have never been called a kingdom; we were called the Dominion of Canada. That being said, the Queen of Canada does not adequately represent her citizens, as she is more likely to be identified with her role as Queen of the UK. I believe the popularity of the monarchy is waning in Canada, but is also of little concern to most Canadians. Should Charles ever live to be king, I am sure that support for the monarchy will plummet even more. The ony saving grace of the monarchy is that it is non-partisan and stable.

    3. Yes the Natives were here first. But the difference between the French and English, is that France was allied to the Natives for economic and social reasons, (wars happened with some of course, but nothing like genocide) while nowadays, as we can see, there are no natives left, almost. Spain and Portugual were known to do genocides, but the population in Southern America is still largely constitued of Natives, while in Canada, USA, there are no left, and the remaining ones are kept in reserves, that's almost a working camp, no wonder why their suicide rate is that high! And as we know, New-France was allied to most natives, they even fought the war with us, (the 13 colonies also had some Native tribes on their side, but it was nothing, because they were very hostile to them), so we know that New-France is not responsible of this, there is only one nation that could. Canadian is from the French words Canada and Canadien, word that apparently come from a Native language, Kanata, meaning settlement, or village. The word Canada comes from a mix between the First nations and the French, term that was taken after to represent the new colony, this is why we say that real Canadians are French, because there was no English when the name was created, we should say that the real Canadians are Natives and French instead. We also know about the ''coureur des bois'', French person that was living a Native life, with them, and breeding. This shows an acceptation for the people, and not the reflexion of how the British Empire treated the natives. I think New-France was about both the Natives and the French, but when I say this to English Canadians they usually say something like ''Shut up you killed them too'' or ''remember the sexual agressions on the Natives made by your cops?''. The first is obviously completely false and you can easily find informations about it, the second, they are criminals, it is not how our nation treats them, this is purely a rape, so they are only criminals like anywhere else. And for the people saying that Canada is bilangual, oh really? Yes 2 languages exist, but bilingual is not the presence of 2 languages, it is the capacity to speak 2 langauges. Like many Québécois, I did learn English, it is far from perfect, but I did, so now, where are your binlingual people?

  10. I am always pleased to hear some anglo-imperialist pretend that my nation can not freely chose be free from his because we are « so poor » .. **under their control**. It is just another good reason for us to get rid of anglo-supremacists.

    Seriously; how low does one need to go to justify hateful propaganda to pretend that anglos leaders in canada would be incompetent enough to lose money over a territory and a people that are under their control.


    «« The crime of Apartheid is defined .. as inhumane acts "committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group .. »»


    - un siècle d’apartheid anti-francophone dans toutes les provinces et territoires hors Québec : siècle d'apartheid


    - 1885 : Les enseignants unilingues français sont interdits
    - 1890 : loi imposant l’anglais comme langue officielle d’enseignement partout en Ontario
    - 1891 : abolition des manuels en langue française.
    - 1912 : Règlement 17, cautionné par le ouvernement fédéral, afin d’abolir l’éducation en français.
    - 1913 : L’Ontario décrète que le français ne devrait pas être utilisé dans les écoles après la 1ère année du primaire.
    - 1997 : La Commission de restructuration des services de santé de l’Ontario annonce la fermeture de l’Hôpital Montfort, seul hôpital francophone de l’Ontario.

    .. les Ontariens ayant le français comme principale langue d’usage à la maison ne représentent plus que 2,4 % de la population de la province selon le dernier recensement.


    - 1870 : Le Manitoba joint la confédération canadienne.>
    - 1890 : La législature du Manitoba vote la suppression de la langue française comme langue officielle de la province. C’est le Official Language Act.
    - 1896 : Le gouvernement fédéral et le gouvernement manitobain abolissent les écoles francophones séparées du Manitoba. On conserve une demi-heure par jour d’enseignement en français.
    - 1916 : Loi Thornton : L’éducation en français est alors totalement interdite.
    - 1972 : L’Unicity – le fusionnement forcé – Saint-Boniface, seule ville française du Manitoba, cesse d’exister comme ville autonome

    En 2006, le poids démographique des francophones parlant le plus souvent le français à la maison par rapport à l’ensemble de la population manitobaine n’était plus que de 1,8 %. Les lois antifrancophones ont joué leur rôle et la disparition du français comme langue d’usage est presque consommée.


    - 1885 : Bataille de Batoche, en Saskatchewan, à l’issue de laquelle les troupes canadiennes écrasent les Métis francophones
    - 1902 : Interdiction du français comme langue d’enseignement alors que la Saskatchewan est un territoire sous juridiction fédérale.
    - 1905 : La Saskatchewan devient province canadiennes (Saskatchewan Act) avec une seule langue officielle : l’anglais.
    - 1926 : Le Ku Klux Klan fait son apparition dans l’Ouest canadien et est actif particulièrement en Saskatchewan durant ces années, alors qu’il combat le fait français avec l’appui des politiciens conservateurs et du mouvement orangiste. Voir à ce sujet : BÉGIN, Pierre-Luc, Loyalisme et fanatisme. Petite histoire du mouvement orangiste canadien, Québec, Éditions du Québécois, 2008.
    - 1929 : Abolition complète de l’enseignement du français en Saskatchewan.

    Depuis ce temps, les gouvernements fédéral et saskatchewanais ont accordé quelques concessions en raison des combats acharnés des francophones de la province et en réaction à la montée du séparatisme québécois.

    La pensée orangiste reste très présente en Saskatchewan. À titre d’exemple, la Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (représentant 297 municipalités) adopte annuellement une résolution contre la Loi sur les langues officielles do fédéeral (donc contre le français, langue officielle).

    Les francophones parlant français à la maison le plus souvent ne représentent plus que 0,45 % de la population de la province.

    .. a suivre ..

  12. Alberta

    - 1892 : L’Alberta, territoire fédéral, fait de l’anglais la seule langue des débats parlementaires et de l’enseignement.
    - 1905 : L’Alberta deviennent une province canadienne (Alberta Act). Une seule langue est reconnue officiellement : l’anglais.
    - 1988 : L’Alberta légifère et devient officiellement une province unilingue anglaise.

    Aujourd’hui, en Alberta, les francophones qui parlent le plus souvent le français à la maison ne représentent plus que 0,6 % de la population de la province…

    Colombie-Britannique et territoires fédéraux (Territoires-du-Nord-Ouest, Yukon et Nunavut)

    - 1877 : La Constitution des Territoires-du-Nord-Ouest fait de l’anglais et du français les langues de l’Assemblée législative et des tribunaux.
    - 1892 : Suppression, par ordonnance, des écoles catholiques (donc françaises) dans les Territoires-du-Nord-Ouest, qui sont sous juridiction fédérale, et suppression du français devant les tribunaux.
    - 1912 : Le district de Keewatin est annexé au Manitoba : les francophones de cette région tombent sous la coupe des lois antifrançaises manitobaines. C’est donc un territoire Colombie-Britannique sous juridiction fédérale (le Keewatin), ayant eu la possibilité d’être peuplé de francophones, qui se trouva annexé à la province du Manitoba afin d’assurer la suprématie de l’anglais sur ce territoire. De plus, si on remonte à 1870, les territoires qui couvrent aujourd’hui l’Alberta, la Saskatchewan, le Manitoba et les Territoires-du-Nord-Ouest constituaient la Terre de Rupert, qui était alors majoritairement peuplée Métis francophones. Lorsque ce territoire fut cédé au Canada par la Couronne britannique et découpé en provinces et territoires canadiens, les lois antifrançaises dans les provinces et territoires assurèrent l’assimilation des francophones, et ce, malgré les garanties qui furent données aux francophones de la Terre de Rupert selon lesquelles leurs droits et institutions seraient protégés dans les provinces canadiennes…
    - 1988 : Adoption de la loi 60 abolissant les droits linguistiques des francophones dans les Territoires-du-Nord-Ouest, toujours sous juridiction fédérale canadienne.

    En Colombie-Britannique, au début du XIXe siècle, les Canadiens de langue française comptaient pour 60 % de la population, mais ils se sont retrouvés minoritaires avant la fin du siècle, soit après la ruée vers l’or et l’arrivée massive d’immigrants anglophones. L’immigration anglaise a donc changé rapidement la situation puisque, en 1901, les francophones ne constituaient déjà plus que 2,5 % de la population, et 1,1 % en 1931.


  13. ...

    Nouveau-Brunswick et les Maritimes

    - 1755-1763 : Déportation des Acadiens. La déportation, effectuée sur l’ordre de la Couronne britannique, coûte la vie à 10 000 personnes, surtout des enfants. À noter que cette couronne britannique est toujours présente symboliquement au Canada à travers l’institution du Gouverneur général. De plus, un des architectes de la déportation, Charles Lawrence, est inhumé en l’église anglicane St-Paul d’Halifax, en Nouvelle-Écosse, où les paroissiens anglophones de l’endroit célèbrent toujours sa mémoire. Pour de plus amples renseignements, voir notamment le magazine L’Actualité du 1er septembre 2008.
    - 1864 : La loi Tupper, en Nouvelle-Écosse, supprime les écoles catholiques (donc françaises) dans la province.
    - 1871 : L’Assemblée législative du Nouveau-Brunswick, avec l’appui tacite du gouvernement fédéral, adopte la loi King ou Common Schools Act sur les écoles non-confessionnelles, qui proscrit l’enseignement de la religion et qui supprime le français dans l’éducation.
    - 1877 : Le Public School Act supprime les écoles catholiques (donc françaises) à l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard.
    - 1945 : Création d’un ministère et d’un conseil de l’Éducation à l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard : les syndicats, les associations de pêcheurs, les chambres de commerce, les groupes de femmes et la légion canadienne siègent sur le Conseil, mais pas les francophones.

    Depuis cette époque, les francophones des Maritimes mènent de grands combats pour la sauvegarde de la langue française. Cependant, les lois répressives ont eu le temps de faire leur œuvre : seul le Nouveau-Brunswick maintient aujourd’hui une vie culturelle française relativement significative.

    Toutefois, même dans cette province, les jours du français sont comptés, à moins que les Acadiens ne se dotent de leur propre État, .. une grande bataille a commencé en 2009 pour les francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick, alors que la réforme en santé de la province menace les institutions des francophones. « Une bataille à la Montfort » s’annonce au Nouveau-Brunswick titrait Le Devoir du 17 décembre 2008.

  14. If Mr. Jacob wants to know about 300 years of anglo-supremacist ethnic cleansing in this country, Mr. just needs to ask Canada Libre about that.

    À votre service ;)

  15. the reason why french is'nt the main languages of those provinces is cause the french people never reached saskatchewan or ontario. And if that is considered apartheid than what is happening in quebec NOW is considered apartheid. And by the way I am not Anglo-Canadian I am GERMAN-CANADIAN born in Quebec, you are not canadian you are FRENCH-CANADIAN, the true canadians are the Natives, or i shouldnt call them that, the true canadians are the Iroquois, the Wabanaki, the Obijwe, the Algonquin, and The Inuits. There are many many more tribes that should be the TRUE CANADIANS, all you are sir or madam, is a racist, franco-supremacist,



    1. You do realize, that what while hundreds of thousands of French Canadians had to leave their homes to find work in New England's textile mills or the forests of Michigan and Minnisota, the government of Canada actively discouraged French-Canadian migration to the Canadian west by inflating railway ticket prices in Quebec, while simultaneously encouraging settlement of foreigners from Europe. The federal government and the various provincial governments have a history of passing legislation that intentionally led to the assimilation of French Canadians and the destruction of our culture. Even in my youth, I was forced to do push-ups for speaking French to my compatriots in the Canadian Armed Forces. For the record, no province other than New Brunswick is bilingual. Had French Canadians been treated fairly, Manitoba would have remained bilingual and those provinces created from the North-West Territories would have been bilingual as well. Instead, lawmakers simply chose to ignore or extinguish the rights of Catholics and francophones to ensure the proliferation of the English-language society.

  16. If you read up on your history of acadia too, you'll realize that the scottish were there before but the french did the same thing

  17. No natives ever called themselves Canadien until far in the 19th century. Ignorant. They still care more today about their native nation than about anglo-imperialist canada.

    There is only one nation that's the Canadiens for 405 years : Us. The name and the land are from us, the Ô Canada, the Beaver the Goose and the Maple Leaf are our own national symbols. All stolen from us and its only because of more than two centuries of ethnic cleansing that we are not majority populations in Canada today.

    Anyone who hates what we are and wants us to disappear or just be another ethnics like any other immigrants is fundamentally negating Canada and Canadiens and must be an hypocrite when he calls himself a Canadien.

    anglo-Canada is racist. Anglo-Canada is built on ethno-centric English supremacism.

    Canada is bilingual because there is Québec and New-Brunswick. The rest is plain flat monolingual English. The federal government is NOT Canada and those are the province that are responsible for the language in the public sphere. Learn your facts, ignorant.

    The queen and any other monarch is nothing but some barbarian dictator with jewels. Any one who worship that as a very serious problem.

    This is the 21st century, not the medieval anymore.

  18. Canada Libre August 19, 2013 at 6:24 PM

    «« If Mr. Jacob wants to know about 300 years of anglo-supremacist ethnic cleansing in this country, Mr. just needs to ask Canada Libre about that. »»

    He a list of some facts, to start with :

    What anglos have brought to Acadiens, Métis, Canadiens and Natives :

    - Deportation of the Acadians. Spouses separated from each other, parents separated from children, brothers and sisters separated from each others. 60 % died during the process.

    - Massacres of the Natives and the Metis (Pontiac, Batoche, Louis Riel.. ), parking of the survivors in concentration camps (reservations), internment of generations of their children in forced assimilation institutions.

    - Each and every peace treaty broken.

    - Natives starved to death for medical experimentations

    - Imposed federation of all territories and provinces under one centralized power.

    - Anti-French apartheid all over the non-Québec Canada for more than a century to eradicate French speaking majority populations.

    - Real Canadians (the French) forced into the status of "white ne88ers" – their main living condition indicators under anglo-imperialist domination equal or worse than those of the blacks in USA -. Yet the native’s conditions were even worse than those.

    - More than half of real Canadiens forced into permanent exile in order to survive while the governments were heavily sponsoring targeted immigration from Western Europe.

    - Imposed charter of rights and constitutions designed specifically to make it impossible for the real Canadiens to protect their language and their culture.

    - State terrorism to fake separatist groups (FLQ) ; federal police putting bombs in Montréal, publication of false communiqués, anglo-army occupation of Montréal in 1970, hundreds of people jailed for months with no charge against them, etc. All of that in order to destroy the peaceful and democratic Québec independence movements.

    - Criminal activities against Québec regulations to win the two referendum votes on Québec sovereignty.

    - Instrumentalization of the ethnics, obligation to move to Montréal to get citizenship, threat of losing it if they voted YES (Parizeau was right ! )

    - Etc.

  19. massacres of natives? not only did the english do this, but so did the french on a larger scale, the french conned the natives out of their lands, sending them north, the french massacred unarmed canadians.
    montreal's true name is Hochlaga,
    the pontiac rebellion was in OREGON,
    louis riel was a rebel who hated the french canadians as much as the english canadians.
    each and every peace treaty broken NAME ONE
    natives staved to death, The USA did that in our country without consent, and anglo and french canadians had the same test's done on them by the USA.
    more than half of french canadians forced into exhile, SHOW YOUR PROOF,


    Oh and threat of losing citizenship cause they voted yes, we both know thats bullshit,

    now my turn, the rest of canada is bilingual to help the french culture,

    90% of people who voted NO were barred from voting in this last "election" of Pauline Marois

    The acadians imprisoned all of the scottish settlers and sent to camps, where 75% died cause of this,

    the recent turban ban in quebec funcionaries is considered by most countries as an apartheid starter

    the language laws are also considered as an apartheid starter

    i can say much more but i wont

    Long live the queen, Long live the Canadian Confederation and Long live the PROVINCE of Quebec

  20. What happened in South-Africa was inspired of what was done in Canada. So does what happens in Palestine.

  21. The French, the (real) Canadiens and the Natives were allies. Ignorant.

    1. The french, were allies with 1 tribe, not all, have you heard of the french beaver fur industry in the 1700's, it exploited the TRUE CANADIANS

    2. The Great Peace of Montréal :

      «« The Great Peace of Montreal was a peace treaty between New France and 40 First Nations of North America. It was signed on August 4, 1701, by Louis-Hector de Callière, governor of New France, and 1300 representatives of 40 aboriginal nations.


      Commerce and exploratory expeditions quietly resumed in peace after the signing of the treaty. The French explorer Cadillac left Montreal to explore the Great Lakes region, eventually founding the city of Detroit, which had a promising future. Jesuit priests resumed their spiritual mission-based work in the north. The Great Peace of Montreal is a unique diplomatic event in the history of the Americas. The treaty is still valid and recognized as such by the Native American tribes involved.

      The French, in negotiating followed their traditional policy in the Americas, where the relationship with the natives was characterized by mutual respect and admiration and based on dialogue and negotiation. According to the 19th century historian Francis Parkman:

      "Spanish civilization crushed the Indian; English civilization scorned and neglected him; French civilization embraced and cherished him"

      —Francis Parkman. »»

      Can we get someone to argue with that's not so stupid and easy to beat ? Please ..

  22. Louis Riel was educated in Montréal.

    During Riel's trial, The Québec's ''Association nationale pour la défense des prisonniers métis'' provided to lawyers for his defence.

    Sir John A. Macdonald, who was instrumental in upholding Riel's sentence, is famously quoted as saying: ''He shall die though every dog in Quebec bark in his favour''

    1. bullshit, show me your bibliography

    2. Show you sources like you have showed us yours so far !?? That proves how hypocrite and desperate you are.

      If you really wanted the source, you would have just fr&&in googled "Louis Riel" and find that as the very fr&&in' first link on top :

  23. Jacob B : « the rest of canada is bilingual to help the french culture »

    Canada is bilingual only because of Québec and New-Brunswick. All the rest is plain monolingual anglo.

    The federal government is as much bilingual in Québec as it is anywhere else in the country.


    1. Ontairio, 2 languages, manitoba, 2 languages, newfoundland, 2 languages, nova scotia, 2 languages,

      quebec 1 language

    2. Bon ; Jacob is in full rage delirium again ...

  24. Jacob B : « STATE TERRORISM? »

    RCMP, FLQ and State Terrorism

  25. « the language laws are also considered as an apartheid starter »

    There are over 390 public legislatures in nearly 200 countries that do enforce some kind of language regulation. Including each and every kkanedian provinces and 28 US states.

    Hence ..

    1. Did you just refer canada to the kkk, did you know that the kkk supports the quebec independence movement

    2. KK-nada ..

      I know that you lie all the times.

  26. « more than half of french canadians forced into exhile, SHOW YOUR PROOF »

    exil permanent de la moitié de notre peuple pour survivre

    La diaspora québécoise se compose principalement de millions de personnes dont les ancêtres ont quitté le Québec à destination de la Nouvelle-Angleterre, de l’Ontario et des provinces de l’Ouest canadien. Ainsi, quelque 900 000 Québécois, principalement des cultivateurs francophones, iront s’installer aux États-Unis par vagues entre le milieu du XIXe siècle et la dépression de 1930. En 1901, au plus fort de cette émigration qui fut qualifiée à l’époque de « grande saignée » ou « grande hémorragie », près de la moitié de la population née au Québec réside aux États-Unis.

    .. Après la pendaison de Louis Riel et le génocide des Métis dans l’ouest canadien, le gouvernement canadien appliqua une politique de colonisation dans l’ouest canadien, en y distribuant des subventions et en y donnant des terres. Il y eut une vaste campagne de promotion en Europe. Il est important de noter que ces privilèges n’étaient pas disponibles pour les Québécois, qui manquaient de terres à cultiver. C’est ce qui explique cet exil aux États-Unis, plutôt que vers l’ouest canadien.


    Migration vers les États-Unis – L’exode des francophones

    L’émigration d’un million de Canadiens français vers les États-Unis au cours du XIXe siècle .. Exclus de l’empire commercial passé aux mains des anglophones, au milieu du XIXe siècle, les Canadiens français n’eurent d’autre choix que de se replier sur les bords du Saint-Laurent et de se consacrer à l’agriculture, seul débouché pour la main-d’œuvre francophone.

    .. Il semble que plus d’un demi-million de Québécois se sont établis dans les villes américaines .. une véritable saignée: durant un siècle, soit entre 1840 et 1930, il [le Québec] a vu passer outre-frontière de 5 % à 10 % de sa population, chaque année. .. [n'eut été de ces exils nombreux] le Québec aurait aujourd’hui une population francophone de 12 à 14 millions d’habitants ..


    Il y a environ 7 millions de francophones au Québec et un million de francophones hors Québec. Si le Canada avait permis aux Québécois de coloniser l’ouest canadien plutôt que de s’exiler aux États-Unis, on peut supposer qu’il y aurait 21 millions de canadiens dont la langue maternelle serait le français. La population totale du Canada est d’environ 32 millions d’habitants.

    Les francophones seraient, et de loin, le groupe majoritaire dans ce beau Canada, n’eut été des lois du gouvernement d’Ottawa.


    1. I do not hate the french, I do not think any different of a french canadians, i am not racist, but you sir or madam, are.

      you think I am retarded cause im a different culture to you,

      I respect my enemies
      you dont



    2. CL, this guy clearly has mental heath issues. It's also quite clear that he doesn't know anything about history. He just makes things up. I would say that arguing with him is quite pointless. Just saying...

    3. Allô Veritas; I play with Jacob and he gives me an occasion to put my stuff together.

      Of course, he's obviously not in control of what he says ;)

    4. Fuck you, i dont attack on you just your ideas, so you must not attack me, just my ideas

    5. You say "f.. YOU", that is on the person and not the ideas.

      Not smart ...


    They don't care to call themselves Canadien today and they never did either. You know that perfectly because you do call them by their nation's names.

    1. they are the canadian culture, you are from the french-canadian culture, i am from the german-canadian culture

    2. No delusioning hyphenation for us : WE ARE CANADIENS. The real on only, for 405 years,

      If they can't accept us, the rest would be better off finding a name for themselves instead of stealing ours.

    3. no you are not canadians, we are both canadians, but a different form, if your ancestrual roots are from france, that makes you french-canadian, since my family is from bavaria in germany i am bavarian-canadian but i didnt want to confuse you, you sir are not true canadian, neither am i, the true canadians are the natives, they have their own names, but it all means the same thing, they are the first nations of canada, they are the true canadians, sir fuck you and long live the queen, the canadian confederation and the province of quebec

    4. Since you hate so much everything that's truly Canadien - the identity, the heritage, the roots, the history, the language, the culture, etc. - you and the rest of anglo nation should find another name than ours for yourselves. N'est-ce pas ?

      That would be less hypocritical.

    5. mon amis, je parle le francaise, c'est pas tres bon mais c'est sufficent. Je pense que tu est raciste. Tu dis que tous les autres en Canada sont des anglos? Tu est un personne du l'ingnorance. Il y a plus que les Francaise-Canadians il y a des British-Canadians des English-Canadian ,des Deutsch-Kanadischen (Allemangien-Canadian) , des العربية الكندية (canadian-Arabique), Italiana-canadese (canadian-Italien) Norsk-kanadiske (Canadian-Norge) בין ישראל לקנדה (canadian-Isreali) 日系カナダ人 (Japanois-Canadian) et भारतीय मूल के कनाडाई (canadian-Indien du Asie) Ca c'est les langue de tous mon amis, voisins, membres du familie et du Canada, Je vivre en Montreal, Le Quebec n'est pas le Francaise-Canadien, Le QUEBEC est un place Multiculturale, Tous est PARTIALLEMENT CANADIAN ou CANADIEN\CANADIENNE MAIS PAS AU TOUS, LES CANADIANS ou CANADIEN\NE COMPLETE SONT LES OBJIWE, LES MOHAWKS , TOUS LES NATIONS PREMIERE, CA C'EST LES CANADIANS ou CANADIEN\NES COMPLETE

      pense a mon defense, et e-mail moi:

    6. J'ai déjà répondu à tout cela et ça peut être lu et relu ici même.

    7. you think, just because you think you were at canada first, well your wrong, Norway had a colony in 1000-1100, does that make norweigians the true canadians? how bout portugal, not long after colombus reach america, another explorer claimed large parts of labrador and quebec for portugal, he is labradors name sake, does that make the portugeese canadians the true canadians? no it does not, so then, why should the french-canadians be the "true canadians"

    8. You are silly. Because WE FOUNDED THE COUNTRY of CANADA !

      !! in Québec !!

      !!! in 1608 !!!

      Take this : Stephen Haper, Canada Prime Minister, has officially declared that :

      « French is Canada’s founding language »

      and that

      « the founding of Québec City [in 1608] also marks the founding of the Canadian State. »

      Source :

      .. 'sounds very clear to me

    9. To further on Jacob's who-was-here-first debate ;

      «« .. people with Solutrean tool-technology crossed the Ice Age Atlantic by moving along the pack ice edge, using survival skills similar to those of modern Eskimo people. The migrants arrived in northeastern North America and served as the donor culture for what eventually developed into Clovis tool-making technology. Archaeologists Dennis Stanford and Bruce Bradley suggest that the Clovis point derived from the points of the Solutrean culture of ***southern France (19,000 BP)*** through the Cactus Hill points of Virginia (16,000 BP) to the Clovis point.[1][2] ..»»

    10. Remember, the British were founding cities in Quebec BEFORE the french, the Scots were founding cities in quebec and acadia before the french. I have no respect for Harper, I am a monarchist liberal. I am an equalist between races. I believe that you are just trying to be some reactionary. who has no idea of progress. Cultures mix, and form more cultures, when the french arrived, and started mating with the natives, thus created the french-canadian culture. But it was definetly not the first canadian culture, it wasnt even the first european-canadian, the first euro-canadian culture was the scottish canadians. Now accept you werent here first, thus not making you canadian. It makes you PART CANADIAN. again I repeat the true canadians are the natives. I wish you discontinue your reactionary ways, and be open to change

      Long live the Canadian Confederation. The Queen of Canada, and the Queen of Quebec.

    11. « the British .. the Scots were founding cities in quebec and acadia before the french » « first euro-canadian culture was the scottish Canadians »

      No source, no fact.


      « I am a monarchist liberal. I am an equalist between races »

      Monarchy IS unequality yet you are monarchist and equalist. Paradox. .. Unless you only mean equality between monarchs of different races.


      « Long live the Canadian Confederation. The Queen of Canada, and the Queen of Quebec. »

      You remind us of Richard Henry Bain.

    12. I belive in the monarchy, so if the head of state was temporary, he'd only be focused on re-election, not serving the people. By equalist, I believe in the ELECTIVE MONARCHY OR A CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY, to restrict the power of the monarch.

      and did you just compare me to an assassin, thats nice,

      you remind me of Henri Bourassa, An anti semite, Racial Supremecy and Catholic teaching's supporter

      I, am an equalist between all races,gender,sexuality,language and class. In my school, I pushed for a more Secularized teaching system because I am an athiest.

      A Monarchy is as equal as a republic. You cannot become a president of america without being rich, or a powerfull person supporting you.

      Long live The Canadian Conferation, The Queen of Canada, And the Queen of Quebec

    13. I have never heard of a good kingdom anywhere than in Socrate's « La République » where he describe is vision of a King Philosopher.

      A monarch is nothing but a dictator with jewells.


      Tell us more about Henri Bourrassa, you sure sound like you know a lot about him ..

    14. Henri Bourassa was an anti-semite. In ww2 he supported nazi germany, He praised them in many speeches before ww2

    15. One anti-Semite in Québec in 1940 .. Big Deal !! : The whole world was antisemite in 1940 !!

      Ridiculous ..

  28. To conclude with our "friend" Jacob B, let's put together some of his statements :

    Jacod B said : « if it were up to the quebec gov't you would've killed all the immigrants that arent french or dont speak french »

    Jacod B said : « Quebec is a republic of hatred, a republic of racism, a republic of FAILURE »

    Jacod B said : « I do not hate the french »

    Jacod B said : « I respect my enemies »

    1. I dont deny saying this but for the 2nd quote, your missing somet

      i said that THE IDEA OF QUEBEC INDEPENDENCE, IS THAT Quebec is a republic of hatred, a republic of racism, a republic of FAILURE

    2. Just for the record, I am not quebec Bashing. I am racism bashing. Just cause i support EQUAL rights, doesn't mean I'm against quebec. I live in montreal, and all I want is Harmony between everybody, not supremacy for one

  29. a bunch of french canadian weirdos

  30. More d'émigration makes us right when we say this country is built on hatred against whoever were here before the anglos.

    Merci beaucoup.